What is going on in the world?

What is going on in the world?

January 24, 2019 #Perspectives 0

We are currently experiencing a time where those who are sensitive to it open up like never before to a vast pool of accumulated pain in their bodies/systems. Fractal in it’s nature, this is a vessel of trauma that reaches deep into the collective but also always finds some representation and expression in our individual biographies.

The first step in opening up usually involves becoming aware of our modes of avoidance – our strategies we have developed not to feel the original pain. In the past we had good reasons to develop these strategies. They served the purpose of in some way ensuring our basic needs for survival are met. And they were the best strategies we could find – otherwise we would have chosen a better one. 

But today, many of these strategies – be it addictions, overcompensation, workaholism, burn-out, depression, rescuer/victim/perpetrator role fixations or other behavior patterns – create so many tensions and symptoms, we can no longer ignore them and are called to dive to the root. This is where we are confronted with the original emotional or physical pain they so long covered up. The gate to these well protected pain bodies is guarded by our greatest fears.

Once we find the courage to stay conscious and not distract ourselves in face of this fear, we have the possibility to choose a new strategy in dealing with the underlying pain. Instead of contracting, we can choose to relax. Instead of closing and numbing ourselves we can open up and allow ourselves to feel. This is the first requirement for healing. Healing is the process of becoming whole again – integrating what we tried to exclude before, embodying what we pretended not to be or chose not to feel. Seeing our behavior patterns clearly and refraining from using them uncovers our wound and we can confront and transmute the uncomfortable emotions. 

In my experience this is no work for anyone to be done alone. It is essential to have people around you who see you and love you for who you are – despite or even because of all your ways of trying to hide who you are in essence. For me the experience of being loved and staying in connection in those places where I judge myself the most has been a major shift towards healing. It requires the courage and vulnerability to show yourself with your darkest soul aspects. I am blessed to be surrounded by many friends and guides who invite me to do exactly this and who I can learn to trust ever more deeply in this process.

The great potential of our time is that we can truly move towards our essence and realize that we don’t have to work so hard trying to be someone we always thought we had to be. Once we realize that turning to what we’ve tried to avoid the most actually guides us towards our greatest freedom and longing we surrender to the unknown and dive into the adventure of who we can be and ultimately why we are truly here. We can start to fully take responsibility and leadership in our lives and contribute to the world in a creative, not a reactive way driven by our patterns and fear based agendas.  

All of you who have made the effort to read until here probably can relate to what I write in some way. And you also know that part of the strength that allows you to walk this path comes from trusting that you are not doing this work only for yourselves. We are blazing a trail for others to follow. We are transmuting ages of karmic entanglement – not so that those who come ofter us have no problems anymore, but maybe can relate to higher quality problems.

Do you want to dive deeper still?

If you find yourself called to take more responsibility for your life and embody a deeper capacity of leadership in your organization or context, I’d like to invite you to connect with me. I have three coaching slots available in the coming month to support those who throw themselves in this field so courageously. The first three people to contact me will receive a free 2 hour coaching session (skype or in Berlin) and we’ll go to the edge of what might be possible for you. 

In love and solidarity