My last Vision Board

My last Vision Board

November 28, 2023 #Perspectives #Inner Technologies 0

For the last few years, towards the end of the year I’ve always created vision boards for 5-8 different areas of my life. I’ve been consistently blown away by how many of the images that I collected depicted exactly what I was living into a few months later. Even, and especially those where I had no idea of how to make them a reality.

As the year is coming to an end, I had the impulse to engage in this process again and to dream about how my life could get even more rich and fulfilling. This is, when I encountered the first problem: I’m already spending most of my time in the most beautiful places, I feel financially abundant without having to work in an office, I have a wonderful fiancé and amazing friends all around the world. I am grateful for my healthy and fit body and I contribute to life in ways that feel deeply meaningful.

Of course, it can always get better, but it feels more like small incremental changes, rather than envisioning an entirely new future. So I realized that many images that came to me for my vision boards are either what I am already living and/or variations from last year’s vision boards.

The second, and more severe problem I encountered, was a recognition that my relationship to manifestation has changed in the last years. So much so that I am coming to the point where I don’t believe that any of the outer experiences or accomplishments I could create would actually have a lasting impact on my being in the world and how I feel about and with myself. My actual quality of life is less determined by them than I might have projected onto these carrots on the stick in the past.

And through that, the third problem surfaced: Who am I to actually know what is best for me? Surely, I can have all these ideas, visions and dreams to inspire me, but ultimately I have no idea if being on a yacht, mastering the planche or having another threesome will truly be beneficial for the evolution of my being and the world. Rather than imposing my visions on the world, I am arriving more and more to a place where I surrender to the larger life force moving through me and guiding me. I don’t even need to effort to craft my vision and hone in my manifestation skills, if I acknowledge that I am in any case guided by the divine principle that is moving through me.

With all of this said, I still enjoyed the artistic process of collecting inspirations, attuning to the frequencies of the images and charging them with the emotional resonance that these creations brought forth in my body. But I have the feeling, this might have been the last time that I engaged in the practice of vision boarding that has been with me for a good while.