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“Jonathan is a master craftsmen when it comes to creating and offering safe spaces to explore personal and collective leadership.”

– Vishal Jodhani, Associate Partner Bain & Company

All my professional life I’ve been building bridges between the mainstream business world and alternative ways of living.

I am convinced that the connection between truly living according to your highest excitement, regenerating the planet and thriving in abundance as one humanity is not a contradiction but a correlation – each of the above leads to the other.

Let’s co-create the new earth!
Innovation Needs Regenerative Spaces

The Future of
Communities & Business

is based on human connection and authenticity.

Only when we show ourselves fully and vulnerably,
can we create wholesome impact in the world
to restore and regenerate our planet.

This is what I am all about.

My Vision & Mission
Let’s meet each other!

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“Lasting change happens when people see for themselves that a different way of life is more fulfilling than their present one.” – Eknath Easwaran

Customized Leadership Journeys in Costa Rica

Your Tailor-Made Personal Coaching Retreat in Costa Rica – Deepen your Leadership Journey, Expand your Vision, Experience Costa Rica!

We create a coaching and wellbeing program precisely attuned to your intention and needs!
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ChangeBeings – Life Beyond Vacation

We incubate businesses and projects that bring out the highest excitement in every ChangeBeing and that are in service to building the new world. We host deep personal and group transformational experiences that remind us of who we as ChangeBeings are.

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Cocoon – A Regenerative Space For Courageous Innovators

Cocoon is a powerful community formed around a group coaching program that will support you to bring into life your big dream. Come on a journey with us to explore!

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Community Exploration Gatherings

Experience Costa Rica!

A co-created exploration to discover possibilities in community building, mutual support in personal and professional growth, creating regenerative structures, an entrepreneurial incubator and co-living opportunities.

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DJ Jonathan Seagull

As a sound shaman I weave melodic sound carpets for eclectic  gatherings. From classical, grounding, calming frequencies over trip hop and chillout smooth vibrations to pulsating, animating, dynamic beats – a journey through the ebbs and flows of the human experience.

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Leadership³ – We Change The Way We Lead, Work, Live & Love

For more than ten years we’ve been supporting individuals and organizations to activate collective leadership in order to create better solutions for a rapidly changing world.

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“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.” – Brené Brown

Podcast Shows

ChangeBeings Life Beyond Vacation Podcast Leadership³-Podcast - Kollektive Führung Leben

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What Others Say

Deeply grateful for the people I am honored to work with.

“Jonathan opened my path of deep transformation and is a constant source of authentic leadership. I am very grateful for having the chance to do coaching with him.“

Antje König
Corporate Communications Manager

“Jonathan is a master craftsmen when it comes to creating and offering safe spaces to explore personal and collective leadership. I’ve never felt so safe, so present, so truly seen and heard… so vulnerable and so powerful, all at the same time.”

Vishal Jodhani
Innovation Expert

“Jonathan helped me to see and neutralize many unconscious believes which limit myself in my professional life. I was impressed by his ability to give words to my thoughts and systematically show me my strengths as resources for the future. The coaching deeply touched and carried me long afterwards.”

Katja Brunner

“Coaching with Jonathan transformed diffuse shadows into concrete challenges that I was able to face. Alltogether he untied a knot at an important fork on the road towards my self-employment.”

Christopher Batke
Facilitator, Author, Speaker

“Coaching with Jonathan was very good and also profound for me, very different than most other coachings I experienced before. Liberating, clarifying, very helpful!”

Prof. Dr. Margarete Boos
University Professor

“Jonathan is an extraordinary coach! Due to our work I truly reached into my core and deepened my purpose! I’m on the right path!“

Marius Beyer
Entrepreneur, Ecstatic dance Hamburg / Hannover

Let’s cocreate!

I look forward to hearing from you!