4 Agreements for Working with me

4 Agreements for Working with me

January 27, 2024 #Perspectives 0

I love dedicating my work to leaders who commit themselves to the awakening of the planet and the oneness of humanity. In order to create a powerful container to hold the deep transformational processes I support my clients in, I created a series of agreements that guide our work:

1. I’m not here to give you what you want! I am here to uncover what is needed!

Leadership begins when we drop our own agenda and ask what needs to be done because no one else is doing it and I hold a charge for it. It requires transcending our personal preferences and aversions and listening deeper to what life wants to bring into the world through us. By tuning into our excitement and following the impulse that comes from deep within, not our habitual conditioning, we step into true service for life.

2. I’m not here to be on your side! I’m here to be on the side of all of life!

Leadership begins, when we take full responsibility for our lives and stop blaming others, our circumstances or anything on the outside for what is happening in our lives. I wouldn’t do you a favor by chiming into projecting this power onto others, however limited their behaviors might be. By seeing you in your greatness and capacity to create your reality, we can become curious together to see how you created any given situation and how you can transform it.

3. I’m not here to resolve your problem! I’m here to guide us to the root that created the problem!

The essence of transformative coaching is to move away from treating the symptoms through behavioral interventions and diving deeper into the underlying causes of what created the situation. By uncovering the root, we can change the source of the pattern and invite new possibilities into your system. This also acknowledges that you have all the capacities you need to change any given situation, because you created it. I support you in seeing the mechanism of how you did it.

4. I’m not here to help you get somewhere. I’m here to increase your capacity with what is alive and available right now.

The great paradox of change is that the biggest obstacle to change is wanting to change something. This impulse immediately creates resistance in any system, and also imposes a premature solution to a situation labeled as problematic, instead of creating space for the intelligence of the process that opens up new possibilities from the present moment. By increasing your capacity to be with what is, by expanding your resources, you invite a natural relaxation that opens up entirely new perspectives. Becoming aware of the intelligence inherent in every system requires us to slow down, pause, and be with what is. It is ultimately not us, who are doing the changing or even healing. Every true healing is always a process of self-healing that is happening through us.

2 spots for working 1:1 with me available

Because of the depth and commitment of the container I create for my clients, I only work with a limited number of 1:1 clients at a time. I currently have 2 spots open, if you are interested, please schedule a conversation with me below:

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