Welcome to the Apocalypse

Welcome to the Apocalypse

November 28, 2023 #Perspectives 0

The word APOCALYPSE is derived from the Greek word “apokalyptein” which means “uncover, reveal”. In many circles it has become associated with the dropping of the veil of illusion that surrounds us like water immerses the fish.

What I came to realize is that these apocalyptic prophecies are not pointing to one discrete event in linear time. Rather they hint at a more gradual dropping of many veils, some thinner, some thicker than others. We are currently becoming aware of so many of our personal conditioning and limiting beliefs that used to make the fabric and operating system of our individual reality.

Once enough of these thinner veils have dropped, we gradually prepare ourselves for the dropping of some thicker and collective veils of illusions.
With every veil that we are dropping, we are not only strengthening our capacity to see through thicker veils, we also shift our way we see the world and thereby expand our range of possibilities.

Admittedly, some of these re-veilations bring with them a corresponding amount of pain of the dis-illusion. We have to acknowledge where we put our faith on authorities who did not have our best interest in mind, or we have to confront where we held ourselves back and limited our expression because of painful past experiences and trauma.

But this is exactly the healing process we need to make ourselves available for – individually and collectively. Only what is met with loving awareness can be healed and integrated for us to become whole again. Even if that means to feel the pain of the past once more with full awareness: instead of numbing out and going into freeze, we release the emotions that have been too much for too long in the past and become fully present.

The energy that used to be trapped and was needed to hold these parts in a freeze becomes available for our creation, and we can create from a place that is free from limitations of the past.