What is Soul Awakened Leadership?

What is Soul Awakened Leadership?

November 23, 2023 #Inner Technologies #Perspectives 0

My path has led me to work with executives and leaders from small startups and NGOs to large corporations and multinationals. All of them, even most social entrepreneurs, still operate from a paradigm of separation and competition in a capitalistic system that is ultimately delusional and despite the best intentions reproducing and repeating the patterns of the past.

This old paradigm leadership is going to be replaced by courageous innovators and pioneers who embody a deep knowing of our interconnectedness and operate from a for them obvious mindset of cooperation with all of life.

I call this kind of leadership “Soul Awakened Leadership” and will share a few distinctions and points about this new and ancient way of being.

Soul awakened leaders are capable of the deepest level of self leadership and embody true sovereignty because they surrender their lives completely to a higher organizing principle that is leading them. Only a group of soul aligned leaders is capable of collective leadership and dynamic subordination because they become a clear channel for divine will to move through them, unobstructed by the frictions of the individual contractions and preferences of the small selves or egos.

Based on this, forms of cooperation and group flow become accessible that will look like magic for those unfamiliar with this state. For those initiated who make themselves available for this way of being, it will come closest to mastering the technology of synchronicity.

Soul Awakened Leaders create a path that is not chiming in on the pandemic of fear, even when rationally and based on “the facts” there’s no evidence for hope. This kind of leadership is aligning with a vision that goes beyond the limited narrative of dualistic thinking in terms of winning or losing, good or bad, and what the mind sets and makes of the current situation.

Soul Awakened Leaders listen to the deep calling from within, tune into their intuition and develop their capacity to hold the paradox of what their rational conditioning on economic logic or environmental constraints tells them they „should“ be doing. They connect with a deep knowing of what-needs-to-happen-when based on attuning and aligning to what the divine wants to manifest through them, rather than following what others or society perceive as the right step of action. They are guided by the time concept of kairos, rather than chronos and move with the speed of synchronicities and flow.

Soul Awakened Leaders are not taking sides and fighting for the “good guys”! Soul Awakened Leadership is seeing beyond the duality and limited narrative of both sides. It offers a new story by embodying a true alternative and living example for what it means to be a human who takes the side of all of life and surrenders their personal preferences to the divine will.

Soul Awakened Leaders recognize that we all have to hold ourselves with our broken hearts. But they don’t vibrate with the victim story of our society. They acknowledge that healing not only comes through many decades of psychotherapy and medicine work. Rather they remember the divine spark at the core of their being. They use this as a powerful attractor to surrender to that which is beyond the personal story and embody wholeness right here and now in every moment. Through that, they accelerate their healing because they know that who they truly are was never separated from the one life that is all that is.