Poem: Golden Thread

Poem: Golden Thread

January 20, 2019 #Poetry 0


In times, momentous like these 
our souls yearn for peace.
The weight of karmic potential 
guides us to what is essential.

A golden thread runs through time
for each good deed there’s a crime.
Every wound longs for healing
with courage to face the feeling.

But we have built a wall
keeping us safe and small.
Yet we awake with this fear:
It is time, the future is here.

The pain of the past 
can be resolved at last
once we move towards the fear
the end of illusions is near.

Look into the abyss
face what the pain really is
a benevolent guide
through the darkness comes light.

The past is coming to an end,
we bear witness as we land.
The golden thread weaves a new story.
I love you, please forgive me, I’m sorry.