Transcending – „Ending The Trance“ Of The Shadow

Transcending – „Ending The Trance“ Of The Shadow

May 17, 2018 #Cocoon #Perspectives 0


These days, many experience the tension and symptoms of the old in greater clarity than ever. In our personal lives as well as the political and larger system, the patterns that used to run our lives no longer serve us and it becomes clear that we need to move into something new and unknown. The pain of sticking with our old strategies to fulfill our needs becomes larger than the fear of the uncertain but vaguely promising future – on bright days an intuition of a deeper „freedom“ appears on the horizon. Who might we be if we dare to show up fully and step into our authenticity?

Vulnerability is our most accurate measure of courage.Brené Brown

In order to move beyond the unconscious patterns in our lives, we need to transcend (= „trance end“) our shadow. The shadow consists of the parts of ourselves we deny or suppress and don’t dare to identify with. We use all kind of strategies to not see our shadow. We either suppress and numb it where it manifests as e.g. addictions or depression (introjection) or we see it only as negative qualities and triggers in others (projection).

The price of more consciousness and moving out of the shadow is pain. So to face our shadows can be a painful process and it hurts to realize in which ways we didn’t live our truth and to face the patterns with which we limited our authentic expression in the world.

But the pain of facing our darkness is a necessary step towards growth and healing. Eventually our fear of facing our darkness and walking into the unknown becomes smaller of than the pain of staying in the old, unconscious conditioning of our past. The symptoms of our shadow just become too obvious and painful to bear and they need way too much energy to be held in the dark and unconscious.

So to face them and bring them into awareness needs courage and the openness to confront pain directly instead of suffering it passively. In these moments it is essential to be loving and kind to yourself.

And it is also crucial to have a group of people, a community of practice that supports us, when we go through painful experiences and individual and collective trauma release. Other people often can love us in place that we are not able yet to love ourselves and so we can learn to do so from friends and communities.

This is what Cocoon is all about. Cocoon is a powerful community formed around a three month group coaching program to support individuals transcend their current limitations and move into deeper authenticity and alignment with life and their purpose.

A new group will start in September 2019.
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