The Root Of All Problems – And The Key To Transcend It

The Root Of All Problems – And The Key To Transcend It

April 4, 2018 #Cocoon #Perspectives 0

At the root of all our problems is the belief of „I am not good enough!“. Many of the things we do are motivated by some belief in lack. We find all kinds of reasons not to love ourselves here and now. „If I just make 2000€/month, then I’ll be worthy of love and finally happy!“. The truth is quite the other way around: Once you are happy and believe your worthy of love, you’ll make 2000€/month much more easily. Or at least you don’t care, because you’re already happy (which paradoxically again increases your chances of earning a decent living by following your passion).

It seems the reason we have to walk this path for some time is to exhaust ourselves thoroughly. Once we are exhausted enough and have achieved everything we believed would make us happy (money, status, career, partners, …) we are finally willing to break down. We are willing to let go of the long held belief in conditional happiness that says: „I’ll be happy when…“. Or we don’t even achieve the things we say we want because a deeper aspect of ourselves already intuits it won’t make us happy.

This leads us to a point of surrender when we finally allow ourselves  – sometimes forcefully trough crisis – to let go of our struggle. We embrace that emptiness with a simplicity that admits: „I don’t know.“ And we shift from our rational mind and survival mode into our heart. Maybe for the first time we become truly compassionate with ourselves. In this act of empathy we ask ourselves: „What is it, that my heart truly desires?“ And you start to build the courage (latin: „heart“) to follow your excitement and do what makes you happy here and now. And only then things start to manifest in your life that you maybe said you wanted. But it’s not the „thing“ you wanted: that well-paid part-time job, that conscious romantic partner, that „whatever your object of desire is“. You always wanted the feeling that this „thing“ was supposed to give you.

Now if you cultivate that feeling first, you increase the chances of actually getting the „thing“ because you attract it into your life based on the resonance that you create.

And most feelings can be traced back to our desire to feel loved. Once we realize this and we start to forgive ourselves, not only does our awareness shift from our reactive rational mind to the heart but we also free other people or things from the obligation to make us happy. We give us permission to love ourselves despite our flaws and shortcomings. We realize that we are perfect the way we are and exactly as we are meant to be with whatever we bring – all our shadows, wounds, weaknesses and peculiarities. And we humbly look at other people or circumstances and say „Thank you! Thank you for being exactly as you are and being this wonderful teacher in my life.“

The Power Of A Safe Space

This transformation is not an easy one. One of the main intentions of Cocoon is to create a safe space to let go. It is a community designed to remind you over and over again, every day of the week for three months that you are perfect the way you are. And that you have every reason and permission to love yourself. As a group we gently help you become aware of all the judgements, the negative self-talk and limitations you impose on yourself. We support you to transform the habit of not loving yourself. Every moment is an invitation to become aware of your inner dialogue and to gently correct it.

If you decide to join, then it is also a decision to let go of this addiction of shaming yourself and being your own worst critic. It is a commitment to yourself to finally make peace with yourself and be the best lover and friend that you have always wanted to yourself.

Our journey will start next week Thursday, 11.04.2019! We meet in person every two weeks for three months.
A few spots are still available. This is your last chance to join!

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