Poem: The Fight Is Over

Poem: The Fight Is Over

October 24, 2017 #Poetry 0


Back in 2016, I received this message: The Fight Is Over. Let’s help each other to realize it.
It was so present in my awareness, I had to print it on a postcard and hand it out to selected individuals.
During my recent time of retreat I wrote a poem that revealed to me a deeper meaning and understanding. I’d like to share it with you.

The Fight Is Over

In the dark of the night
unexpected comes light.
Out of the usual noise
with conviction a voice,
a truth hard to bear
against doubt and all fear:
Problems will always exist
and as long as you resist
it will appear as a fight
and to struggle seems right.

But your perspective will change
to allow the whole range.
All things are as they should be
beyond judgement you see:
Life is an art, not a craft
and you are nothing but loved.

Now it’s time to let go,
give yourself to the flow.
This is the end of the fight,
the final flash of insight.
An illusion of thought,
always you that you fought.
You were always projecting,
it’s yourself you’re rejecting.
What you perceive as other,
you are always the mother.
Find peace and stillness within,
a new world will begin,
reflecting a state
only you can create.

But it’s hard to give in,
the desire to win
comes from decades of pain
seemingly now in vain.
And yet there is so much fear.
The threat still seems to be here.
But you were fighting yourself.
Put your projections to the shelf.
And despite the confusion:
It was just an illusion.

What comes now is called healing
and it starts with your feeling.
Take your shadow by the hand,
he will be your new best friend.
No more pretending,
this fight is now ending.
And nothing was in vain,
this spark you had to gain:
The past is over and enough
and you are nothing but love.