April 10, 2021 #Perspectives 0

Two months ago I felt the strong call to go to Costa Rica. I could come up with all kind of rational explanations and logical reasoning why I had to go. From how unbearable the atmosphere in Berlin after one year of lockdown has become and how everything I loved the city for has been suppressed and systematically cancelled under the disguise of public health.

From how much I needed a reset of my nervous system from a long winter of confronting my darkness between blocks of concrete walls that are an insult to my sense of aesthetics. From not being able to live my purpose to work with people in face-to-face interactions at workshops and gatherings anymore. To the lack of nature and disconnection from the natural cycles, living a more and more artificial life dictated by straight lines, todo lists and calendars that dominate our western lifestyle in many spheres. To my curiosity about a country that has no army, generates 98% of its electricity from renewables, turned more than 30% of its landscapes to nature reserves, is amongst the happiest countries in the world and much more…

However, despite all the points, the true reason why I had to go to this beautiful tropical paradise is: I don’t know. I just knew I had to go. And slowly, slowly I’m putting together the pieces and witness the larger plan unfold. I’ll share more at some point about the effect being here has had on me already. But for now I want to focus on something different:

„I promise to take care of this sacred earth.“

Photo: Zita M.

Just before coming here I attended the final module of the Embodied Intimacy Training in Sweden. During an Osho meditation we held hands while looking in each others eyes and vowed: „I promise to take care of this sacred earth.“

To me, it was much more than just a workshop exercise – it was a deeply felt promise that became a compass and commitment.

Coming to St Teresa and having my heart broken open by the abundance, generosity and beauty of the nature, the animals, the people and the ocean, I can’t help but constantly feel a sense of reverence and awe for this gentle force, experiencing myself as nature and learning to flow with her rhythms again. And I feel called to embody this promise from my heart through my actions. For as much as this is a gorgeous place to be, there are also a lot of shadows and threats to this pearl of land, mainly through capitalistic interests and unsustainable tourism (despite operating under the label of raw, vegan, yoga and conscious).

I feel a sense of urgency and the need to act to protect this sacred earth – knowing that our local actions ripple out and have a much larger, non-local impact on the global interconnected web of being.

What are you still tolerating?

We are in a momentous time of transition and we are called to step up into our full power, our dignity and our self-worth. What are you still tolerating from others to do to you? What are you still tolerating from others to do to others? What are you tolerating from others to do to this sacred earth? What is your call to contribute to this shift that is happening globally? How do you serve this planet, our humanity?

We are confronted with an enormous responsibility. And this responsibility starts with ourselves! In a recent conversation with Margaret Wheatley we touched upon the importance of trauma healing and personal development. We need to look at our shadows, resolve our limitations and clear our channels. However, personal development is not another hedonistic consumer good. It’s not for the sake of our own fulfillment or avoidance of pain, but in order to be fully available and of service to what is asked of us! It is time to grow up, wake up, clean up and show up!

These last three weeks have filled my cup to the point of overflowing. My nervous system relaxed deeply like it hasn’t for a long time and I feel nourished and blessed to the point where I want to share the abundance, gratitude, love and inspiration in service and contribution to those who feel called to have a positive impact in their world, who dare to step up and move beyond their limiting believes in order to dream bigger than they ever dared to before. Because these times ask nothing less of us.

My passion is to coach people and support them to make the impossible possible.

What is holding you back? What are your limiting stories? Where are you still holding back? I see you! it is time to step up! I feel your care for life! I feel your longing for this more beautiful world our hearts know is possible! What is needed for you to become the queen and king you are, to embody and claim what you believe to be right and true?

If you’re ready to follow this call – regardless of what the rational reasons (not to) might be – get in touch and we’ll explore „how deep the rabbit hole goes“.

In service and community

Title Photo: Thomas Jauernig