Announcement: Conscious Creation Talks – Insights from Powerful Manifestors

Announcement: Conscious Creation Talks – Insights from Powerful Manifestors

November 14, 2016 #Perspectives 0

A new interview series with influencers who currently shape the evolution of consciousness and society on a deeper level through their creations in the manifest realm.

Our times present to us the greatest opportunity in history to create heaven on earth. Everything that is happening around and within you is calling you to be who you truly are, no more excuses.

The Past Is Over

We don’t find meaning in conditioned ways of living and our societies and past successes cannot provide us with direction into the nascent future. It has led us to the point where we are today and now it is time to honor it, let go and prepare for a shift.

Surfing The Edge Of The Future

The future is the past healed – Thomas Hübl

The Conscious Creation Talks are a format that invites pioneers who have taken full responsibility for their lives and exemplify a lifestyle of conscious creation. Rather than conforming to the inner programs of their past and culture they have developed an inner compass. It guides them beyond their conditioning to manifest what their heart desires. They have a huge vision for the benefit of all. They are examples for others and ambassadors of hope in their field. Their courage, experiences and wisdom but also their vulnerability and challenges are a source of inspiration.

Awakening To Truth

A big shift happens, when you make truth your focus in life, rather than social or cultural expectations. This includes expanding your sense of self beyond your body, mind, habits, gender or origin. This deeper layer of reality becomes a resource in the process of creation. Identifying yourself as the source and essence of existence shifts your believe from a limited to an infinite perspective.

A New Platform For Applied Wisdom

In each episode I interview a “Conscious Creator” from different fields to learn from them how to live a life of purpose, fulfillment and contribution. You will gain direct insight into their path and how to apply it to your life’s challenges so that we can all thrive and use this time of transformation as a catalyst for our own growth and evolution.

Scanning The Field – Your Call To Action

If you know inspiring individuals who fit that description and who you would like to see featured in the “Conscious Creation Talks”, please let me know!

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PS: The first interview has been released and can be found here.