Video: Real Talk – Community in the Emergent World

Video: Real Talk – Community in the Emergent World

January 20, 2022 #Perspectives 0

I just had the great pleasure to dive into a deep and authentic conversation with my dear friend Edward Zaydelman. 

We both receive a lot of questions around the theme of community building so we startet with the intention to cover some of the territory of around this theme. We did share many of our experiences and insights around this and went a whole lot beyond. Aside sharing some our own struggles and insights of being human these days we also plunged into visionary aspects of what’s emerging and how we can contribute to a more beautiful world at this point of our intersecting timelines.

I left the conversation with more energy than I entered, feeling regenerated and inspired by this emergent dialogue where we both surprised ourselves by what came through us. Enjoy and feel free to share with your allies on the path!