Transforming Self-Doubt With Lofty Questions

Transforming Self-Doubt With Lofty Questions

April 13, 2020 #Inner Technologies #Perspectives 0


How To Put Your Affirmations On Steroids

Worrying is like praying for something you don’t want to happen. Robert Downey Jr.

Why am I not excited about life?
Why do I have so little energy to do anything?
Why can’t I create the fulfillment and abundance I long for?

It is not long ago that this kind of self-doubt and negativity dominated my mental tapestry. In many ways this was more a symptom than a result of what was going on in my life and I had to dive deep into my own abyss to embrace and welcome the next layer at the roots level behind all of it.

So when I’m sharing the following idea, I’m not pointing towards positive thinking or simply replacing your inner reality by something more shiny and socially admired. I’m also not advocating for the shallow and ego driven compulsion towards ever increasing performance and self-optimization.

It is more about a perspective that creates an upward spiral once you have come to accept and love the downward spiral inducing self-doubt and your inner parts where this originated from.

Recently I came across the concept of „lofty questions“. It takes the idea of positive affirmations to the next level by assuming the desired reality as an already manifested fact and directing your awareness to collect evidence why that is true. It challenges you to be bold and put humility aside for the moment in order to move beyond the comfort zone of your current standard of living by completing the question „Why is it that…?“

To give you a concrete example of what I’m talking about, here is a set of lofty questions that I created for myself. I dig these out and review them in regular intervals to let them resonate in my system.

Here are my personal lofty questions

Why is it that…

  • … I manifest beauty in all areas of life beyond my wildest dreams so effortlessly, joyfully and easily?
  • … I have such a loving and caring relationship with myself which deepens every day?
  • … I am fit, healthy and radiant and have the strong body of an athlete?
  • … I am serving other people and the planet so powerfully and generating abundance and surplus on all levels, including financially, socially and culturally?
  • … my business is generating more money than I could ever spend and impacting the lives of thousands in a meaningful way.
  • … I live a life of balance and trust in flow and harmony with everything around me?
  • … my energy is increasing every day and I express my aliveness on all levels, especially through physical embodied action?
  • … I create powerful social interactions and deep connection with friends, family and strangers with ease, joy and lightness?
  • … I experience a deeply fulfilling, playful and ecstatic sex life rooted in divine surrender and love.
  • … I stand for what I value and believe in, full of confidence and trust to express my needs and boundaries in constructive and healthy ways?
  • … I move into conflict and confrontation when necessary, trusting that it will strengthen my connections and benefit everyone around me?
  • … I tap into my emotions as an unlimited resource of energy more and more, especially harnessing the power of my anger?
  • … I follow my highest excitement naturally and gracefully without being attached to the outcome?

Now it’s your turn!

Exercise: Take out a notebook and pen and create a set of lofty questions for all areas of your life that you would like to deepen and expand.

As I said before, be bold and courageous – if it feels edgy and uncomfortable, it is a sign that you’re doing it right!

And if you’re up for the extra mile, share your favorite lofty questions below in the comments! I’d love to hear about your process and experience!

In love and community