Time To Explore New Horizons

Time To Explore New Horizons

November 21, 2022 #Perspectives #Events 0

My calling is to raise the frequency and bring more aliveness wherever I go. I feel blessed to create spaces that allow us to go beyond our old conditioning and look at our lives with honesty and courage.  

  • Where are we still giving our power away to authorities in exchange for comfort and certainty?
  • Where do we hold back our truth and lack the courage to take full responsibility for our creation?
  • How would we redefine work, business, money, sexuality, relationships, health, governance, technology and all other areas of life, if we were to truly choose free from existing power structures?

This is the time to be clear and determined to emancipate ourselves from the limitations of an old matrix that has outlived its purpose. It is time to explore new horizons and blaze a trail for generations to follow.

It is time to acknowledge the destructive force of late stage capitalism and the materialistic worldview on our planet and our beautiful nature that we are an inherent part of. We can bow in gratitude for all the blessings we received and in the sacrifice previous generations made for us to live the life we’re living now.

And then we need to let go and jump into the unknown with an open heart and the unwavering trust that what is to come next is not a death but a birthing process into something so magnificent our minds cannot possibly comprehend it.

In love and community