Video: The Potential of 2018 – Dancing Between Shadow And Light

Video: The Potential of 2018 – Dancing Between Shadow And Light

February 4, 2018 #Perspectives 0

I believe 2018 opens a unique window of opportunity. It is up to us like never before to choose. To choose between fear or love. Between absencing or presencing, as Otto Scharmer terms it. To choose between suppression and healing.

And when we do gather the courage to face our fear, I believe we can access an untapped potential of energy, of excitement and resources. It is our inner child waking up not only to his or her painful and traumatized aspects, but also to the childlike joy, excitement and playfulness.

And once we have embarked on this journey, we really need to show ourselves. We need to speak to the people who need to hear what we have to say! We need to go out and find the people who long to connect and to co-create together. I believe, there are allies in the most unlikely places. People of great power and influence who long for sincere humans who connect from the heart and not from the fear that drives them to run after influence and money.

To show ourselves, we need safe spaces to retreat to. Where it is safe to be weak and vulnerable. But where we are also reminded of our light.

This is why I created Cocoon.

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