The biggest question there is

The biggest question there is

October 24, 2017 #Perspectives 0

There is a huge transformation happening in the world.

Not only in terms of technology and business but especially in consciousness and the way we live and work together. Agile, self organization and other forms of leadership innovation are just symptoms of a larger movement at play.

From my work with individuals and organizations I notice many leaders and innovators going through challenging times in navigating the organizational but also personal complexity and dynamic of these days.

The need for save spaces to incubate and prototype new models of working together is becoming increasingly obvious and urgent to me.

I am looking for these people: entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, innovators and artists who are going through deep personal change and reorientation.

They are in an process of aligning their work and vision. They see a huge opportunity ahead. They prepare to lead their communities, teams and others on that inner journey which is addressing the biggest question there is for us as humanity: Who are we and why are we here?

My bold vision is to transform teams, companies and organizations to become centers for personal and consciousness development by giving meaning, purpose and support to all people involved. I believe the only way to innovate organizations is by focussing completely on their potential, needs and excitement.

Who do you know…

Who do you know who fits the description of these leaders? They don’t even have to be in a formal leadership role – they are just leaders by walking that path.

Courageous pioneers and innovators who feel a calling to design the future deliberately and consciously. Awake(ning) human beings who are ready to explore what might be possible as a next step if they dare to dream big. This process is what I love to support people with!

If you know someone or are interested yourself, I offer a free 2 hour coaching session via skype – no strings attached.

I only work with five clients at a time and engage with them for at least three months in a very close, intense and deep coaching relationship. Currently I have three open slots available.

Let me know if I could raise your curiosity to learn more and we’ll find a time slot to get together!