Soul Awakening

Authenticity, Leadership & Purpose
in a Time of Metamorphosis

A 12-Week Transformative Journey

From Quiet Resignation to Outrageous Living

A transformative Journey for Individuals who sense a profound Shift in the World and within Themselves.

This 12-week online course is tailored to those who achieved many of their dreams, had their successes on the professional journey and feel called to the next level.

Whether you sold your business, successfully climbed the career ladder to the top or just quietly quit your corporate job - it is time to reinvent yourself and remember why you truly came here. 

You will be guided to navigate the complexities of finding your unique place and contribution in a world undergoing unprecedented, radical transformation.

Module Overview

Weekly Lessons plus additional 1:1 Sessions with Jonathan

Each module therefore consists of the following elements:

Insight (Wake up)

I teach you key concepts to create insights that allow you to see your world differently.

Reflection (Clean up)

I guide you to look at your life to reflect how the insight applies to your specific circumstances.

Practice (Show up)

I give you concrete tasks to practice implementing the insight in the field and gather real data.

Module 1

The Roaring of the Soul Longing to be Activated

Module 2

Transcending the Tyrany of the Shadow

Module 3

The Parts that Long to Belong

Module 4

Becoming Outrageous! From Conditioning to Authenticity

Module 5

Hospicing the Dream of the Past

Module 6

The Void

Module 7

Let there be Light! 
The Soul Awakens

Module 8

Radical Responsibility
Leadership as a Way to meet Life

Module 9

The Wisdom of never arriving:
Purpose as a lifelong Path to the Now

Module 10

Your unique Expression in the World

Module 11

Life as Art and Practice

Module 12

Saying yes to Power
Returning to the Village

An artfully crafted Journey for those longing for more

  • 12 Pre-Recorded Video-Modules packed with Insights, Reflections and Practices
  • MP3-Recordings and Transcripts of all Videos + all Slides as a PDF Document
  • Weekly 1:1 Coaching by Jonathan
  • Additional Bonus Videos, Interviews and Guest Teacher Appearances
  • ... and much more

Stepping into deeper Alignment with Life

Instead of using purpose as another fix for our personal distress ("once I’ve found my purpose…") we step into deeper alignment with life, surrender to the divine and offering our “work” to what wants to move through us.

We shift our focus from “what do I get” to „how can I participate and contribute in the continuous flow and intricate exchange of the great web of life”.

Instead of holding on to all the layers of resistance and conditioning that keep us trapped in the idea of what our life should look like, we open up to the magical synchronicities and miracles that emerge once we listen to the guidance that becomes available through this process.

What is Soul Awakened Leadership?
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Your Guide:
Jonathan Klodt

“Jonathan is a master craftsman when it comes to creating and offering safe spaces to explore personal and collective leadership.”

– Vishal Jodhani, Associate Partner Bain & Company

All his professional life, he has been building bridges between the business world and alternative ways of living. As an entrepreneur, he co-founded several award-winning companies. As a cultural pioneer, he lived in several intentional communities and ecovillages and hosted transformative gatherings and festivals

Jonathan works as a facilitator, community builder, leadership coach & entrepreneur for almost 15 years now and has guided thousands of people on their leadership journey. He's also a passionate DJ and, according to his friends, an excellent cook of vegan delights.


What others say

“Coaching with Jonathan was very good and also profound for me, very different than most other coachings I experienced before. Liberating, clarifying, very helpful!”

University Professor

Prof. Dr.
Margarete Boos

“Jonathan is an extraordinary coach! Due to our work I truly reached into my core and deepened my purpose! I’m on the right path!“

Entrepreneur, Ecstatic Dance Organizer

Marius Beyer

“Jonathan opened my path of deep transformation and is a constant source of authentic leadership. I am very grateful for having the chance to do coaching with him.“

Corporate Communications Manager

Antje Koenig

Mini-Course: Soul Activation

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does the Program cost?

To serve you most powerfully, I will craft the program tailor-made to your personal needs and intentions in an Alignment Conversation, once you've completed the Mini-Course: Soul Activation. This will be at no cost to you up until this point.

Based on this, we will also have a conversation on your individual and personalized investment - in financial and non-monetary forms, e.g. time, commitment etc. 

Who is this Program for?

Who are you?

  • You’ve gone through a lot, seen a lot, experienced a lot, maybe even questioned if you still want to be here…
  • You had worldly success, lived the dream of your ancestors, now what? You hear the call for transcendence and wonder what else is out there?
  • You’re a hospice worker for a dying system and a midwife/doula for a world that is being born
  • You’re ready to commit to life in a new way, you want to go all in and live an “outrageous” life
  • You’re done with walking the path alone
  • You’re not satisfied with what society has to offer and are ready to create your own path and reality

Who is this Program NOT for?

Who you are not...

  • You’re not looking for another self-improvement program and quick fix to keep chasing a carrot of outside defined success
  • You only want to find out how to make 6 figures in 3 months and maximize your personal benefit through quick fixes
  • You are ready to retreat to a mountain cave and let the wave wash over you

What do I get out of joining Soul Awakening?

As much as this program doesn’t operate from the logic of what you get, here are some results you can expect:

  • Rediscover Your Innate Worth: Embrace a newfound sense of self-worth and value, recognizing that your unique gifts are a precious contribution to the world.
  • Create Aligned Environments for Expansion: Learn how to design roles and spaces where authenticity is not only welcomed but celebrated, fostering a seamless integration of your personal and professional life.
  • Experience Deeper Connection: Cultivate genuine connections with others, built on trust, vulnerability, and a shared commitment to authentic living.
  • Achieve Greater Impact while maintaining Deeper Peace of Mind: Tap into the power of personal and group flow, amplifying your ability to excel and make a meaningful impact in your endeavors.
  • Live a Life of Purpose and Meaning: Step into a life rich with purpose, where every action is infused with deep meaning, and every moment is a testament to the greatness of your soul, not the prison of your limited personality.

I need to read more about it... why should I join?

Yay, you really want to know it and love bullet point lists, don't you 😉

Well here you go:

  • Embrace Your Authenticity: This course is a sanctuary for sensitive souls and passionate hearts who seek a life of genuine expression and alignment.
  • Transform Your Relationship with Work: Discover how to infuse your daily endeavors with purpose and meaning, leaving behind soul-crushing jobs for roles that honor your essence.
  • Forge Genuine Connections: Experience the power of vulnerability and authenticity, creating spaces where masks are shed, and true connections flourish.
  • Step into Flow and Alignment: Learn how to tap into personal and group flow, bringing out the best in yourself and your endeavors, by surrendering to a deeper guidance and offering the fruits of your work to the divine.
  • Break Free from Self-Doubt: Release the shackles of self-doubt and shame, realizing that your unique gifts are not only valid but essential for the world's transformation.

What can I do if I have more Questions?

Reach out! Here's the link to my contact form!

You know you came here for a reason!