Soul Awakened
Leadership Circle

A curated Group Coaching
Journey for Leaders of Leaders

Soul Awakened Leaders are pioneers in their fields
who lead others to become leaders themselves.

But it can be lonely on the edge, and often they sense that they are ahead of their times.

This is why we need each other. We all bring a unique piece of the puzzle, and we are all needed to step up in our full expression and authenticity.

Like imaginal cells in the cocoon of the butterfly, we can form protective clusters where we mirror each other our greatness and align with a shared vision.

Together, we remember who we are and why we are here.

This is what the
Soul Awakened Leadership Circle
is all about.

If you want to go fast, go alone …

… if you want to go far, go together.

This is not for everyone

We live in extraordinary times. The existential threat for humanity opens up the potential for global awakening. If you feel called into leadership by offering your own path as an example of what it means to be a leader in the world today, then this is for you!

There is no linear path to success

Navigating the challenges of our times is at best a dance. With every two steps forward, we take one step backwards. We need to learn to love our darkness and limitations as much as our light and potential. And we're not meant to do it alone. It needs a village to be a Soul Awakened Leader. 

There is no promise of fame & fortune

If we align ourselves with the divine and what truly wants to come through us, if we tune in with the longing of our souls, then we cannot hold on to simple definitions of worldly and material success. We offer our life and our work for something greater and in doing so, we remind each other of who we are and why we are truly here.

The map is not the territory

The only way to taste the salty water of the ocean is to jump in. But it can be scary, and we will be asked to leave our comfort zone behind. This circle offers an island of sanity and an encouragement to do the things we deep down know are right to do.  

Your weekly support structure in a time of unprecedented potentials and uncertainty


“Jonathan is a master craftsman when it comes to creating and offering safe spaces to explore personal and collective leadership.”

– Vishal Jodhani,
Associate Partner Bain & Company


Jonathan has worked as a facilitator, community builder, leadership coach & entrepreneur for almost 15 years now and has guided thousands of people on their leadership journey …


​About working with Jonathan


Noe Renteria, Real Estate Broker, Coach

"It's really about co-creating a new way of being. How can we source from the great mystery from something new that is emerging? That's something that I haven't really been exposed to ever, any other mastermind or even a thought."

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Tim Lamoureux, IT Systems Architect

"It was a transformative experience, to be honest. Following my intuition has really paid off. What I discovered was a space facilitated by Jonathan where we could bring more clarity around our objectives, step in our true power zone and connect together, all of us."

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Field Report from a former participant:

From Heaviness to Self-Confidence and Worthiness

"Before my journey with Jonathan, I was carrying a lot of weight from my transformation journey. I felt like I didn't have the space to fully express what I was going through in my awakening process. I felt my inner world was disconnected from my outer world, I was confused about how to bring my new self to life and how to move forward with my new life vision.

The circle supported me by making me feel heard, seen and understood. It was a safe space for me to share with others who were also going through their own tough transcendental changes. I was able to bring my voice and my authentic self to support the group and ask for what I needed to feel supported.

Now I am in a place of more self-confidence and acceptance of my journey and of the depth that I carry derived from my awakening. I feel more strength to live by my truth from a place of worthiness. I have the conviction to keep moving forward step by step guided by my inner wisdom regardless of all the external distractions and pressures."

Founder Twisted Connection

Manuela Rodriguez Correa

“Jonathan is a master craftsman when it comes to creating and offering safe spaces to explore personal and collective leadership. Every experience has had clarity of intention, a curated community and acceptance to show up fully and own our authenticity. I’ve never felt so safe, so present, so truly seen and heard. So vulnerable and so powerful, all at the same time.”

Associate Partner Bain & Company

Vishal Jodhani

“Jonathan is an extraordinary coach! Due to our work I truly reached into my core and deepened my purpose! I’m on the right path!“


Marius Beyer

You are the average
of the 5 people you spend most time with …

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with an inspiring group of exceptional pioneers and leaders

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