Reality Doesn’t Happen To Us

Reality Doesn’t Happen To Us

March 22, 2020 #Perspectives 0

Last week I sent a proposal to a corporate client for a six month leadership coaching package. Then the corona panic hit in and I received an email that all decisions have been put on halt and we cannot proceed with the coaching. My first impulse was to write something back along the lines of: „Sure, I understand fully. Let’s just talk again when the dust has settled.“

But then I caught myself and realized how I was just coming from a reactive, rather than a creative place. I was accepting seemingly factual limitation outside my sphere of influence.

Here is what I wrote instead:

„These are enormously potent times. It is a great opportunity for all of us. We are invited to step into our full power and take leadership for the world we desire in our hearts. I know that you have a lot to give, especially in the context of your company and your work. Your presence is a gift for people who long for guidance and support.

For me, this time magnifies my values and why I do what I do. I want to use this opportunity to come closer, rather than further away. Coaching is my expression and channel to do what I love. To support people in challenging times let’s me thrive. To be fortunate to earn my living with this is a great gift – but not the prerequisite for my work.

This is why I want to suggest the following: We pretend my proposal had been accepted by your company and start the coaching. If at a future point the dust has settled and there is the possibility for payment – great. If not – also great! Then we both spent our time doing what is our highest excitement. This is also my condition for you – to have a „Hell yes!“ and the commitment to give yourself to that power that wants to flow through you to now take full responsibility to make the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible a reality.“

The next day I had a response in my mailbox. She spoke with her manager and somehow found a way to clear the budget despite the external circumstances.

Our reality is what we experience as an intimate co-creation with everything around us.
It is not happening to us, it is happening for us.

May we all identify and move beyond our patterns and co-create a world that is inviting more of our aliveness, excitement and love for all that is.
May all beings be happy.