Meet the Cocoon Co-Creators: Robert Möckel

Meet the Cocoon Co-Creators: Robert Möckel

March 9, 2018 #Cocoon 0

Why do you need a cocoon?

Hello guys,

this is Robert and I will be one of the co-creators supporting Jonathan in creating an extraordinary and transformative experience for everyone joining Cocoon.
I will be co-facilitating the first meeting, where it’s all about creating a powerful Cocoon for your transformation process throughout the program.

Get a taste for me and why I believe a cocoon is necessary for exponential transformation.

The world asks us to hide ourselves. In Cocoon, we create a space where we can show ourselves completely: with our impossible dreams and desires, with our messiness, confusion and pain. We create a space where we give each other permission to be ourselves completely.

It all starts with truth. With authenticity. With honesty.
This is where we can find ourselves. Our true selves.
A places that allows us to connect with what we really, really, really want our experience of life to be about, who we want to be and what contribution we want to make.
Finding ourselves and what we want to stand for is a dynamic process. It’s not that one day if we wait long enough “the piano of purpose” will fall on our heads. A peer group where we can share our thoughts and feelings and get honest and supportive feedback is priceless in this process. This is one key element that Cocoon provides.

As this is a very vulnerable thing to do, we almost never do it in “the real world”. It’s too dangerous. In cocoon we create that container that is safe to playfully and courageously share our dreams and vision, values and aspirations and help each other create more clarity and a deeper truth.

In Cocoon we practice to stop pretending. To stop looking good.
In Cocoon we practice to be who we are. And be loved for it.
That is the fundament that it needs to find your deeper truth and beauty but especially to enable you to share your message with the world more courageously than ever before.

The caterpillar needs the cocoon to transform into its highest form of realization – the butterfly.
As humans, we also need a powerful container that allows us to evolve to the next level.
That’s the purpose of Cocoon.

Most people live a default life, where they are stuck in the form of a caterpillar.

That’s because we learned that we can’t be who we truly are. Because being who you are is dangerous. We all experienced as children, that if we are who we are, that will lead to pain. In one or another form, everyone got rejected, not loved, laughed at, not taken care of, humiliated, left alone, etc. We have been led to believe that to be the butterfly is very dangerous and must be avoided.  

In cocoon we heal your old wounds and cheer you on to get back in touch with your authentic, freely expressed, loving and, if you like to call it that way, divine and unlimited selves.

I am excited to co-create that container with Jonathan and all of you in our first meeting.

Looking much forward to it!

With love,

More about Robert’s background: Linkedin