Customized Leadership Journeys

Deepen your Leadership Journey, Expand your Vision, Experience Costa Rica

  • The Transformation of the ButterflyAre you faced with big questions and challenges in your life that ask you to think outside the box?
  • Is your professional and your personal life challenging you to deepen your leadership capacities?
  • Do you feel the call to explore a different lifestyle, away from big cities and capitalistic structures?
  • Are you driven to contribute to a vision of a world that works for all?
  • Are you ready for a reset to nurture and regenerate your body, mind, heart and soul?

Come and visit our home – literally! My partner Brina and I offer you the unique experience to stay with us anywhere from 2 to 14 days while we create a coaching and wellbeing program precisely attuned to your intention and needs!

The Package

I’ll take you by the hand and offer you a care-free package to focus entirely on your intention and vision of a life filled with purpose, inspiration and flow as you dive into the truly rich and supportive environment of this tropical paradise.

I’ll not only be your coach, but also local guide on the ground – from picking you up from the airport to bringing you back and everything in between.

“I’m sure we’ll have a transformative and exciting time together!”

 Activities and Possibilities

Based on the many possibilities this setting offers, we create a powerful coaching retreat experience exactly based on your needs. The process design ensures a balance between stimulation and regeneration and is geared towards the success of your coaching goal for optimal learning and growth.

  • Transformational Leadership Coaching – daily coaching sessions, integration & transfer, follow up
  • Daily Routines & Practice – journaling, yoga, meditation, breath work, embodiment, …
  • Inspiring Excursions & Field Trips – whale watching, rain forest, hot springs, farmers market, ecovillages, …
  • Nature Immersion – hiking, surfing, sunsets, waterfalls, …
  • Cultural Experiences & Community Meetups – gatherings & events, visiting innovative projects and meeting with local leaders, learning from indigenous and traditional cultures, sweat lodge, …
  • Health & Wellbeing – home cooked vegan meals, exploring local fruits, vegetables and specialties, massages, bodywork, healing sessions, …

The Location – Costa Rica

The „rich coast“ is an ideal environment for transformative retreats, and many people have come here for years to find healing or regeneration.

  • home to 5% of the world’s biodiversity
  • high standard of living, education and safety
  • happiest country in the world according to Happy Planet Index
  • progressive political environment
    • no army
    • 98% of all of Costa Rica’s energy is renewable
    • striving to become the first plastic and carbon-free nation
    • focus on sustainable tourism, many nature reserves (28% of the countries’ territory)
  • one of the five blue zones in the world, with much higher than average longevity
  • global hotspot for prototyping future solutions attracting many visionaries, digital nomads, entrepreneurs, leaders, healers, cultural creatives, …
  • and many other reasons… come and see for yourself!


Your Team – Welcome to our Home!

My partner Brina Stone and I moved to Costa Rica last year and spent the time building our diverse network and home base. We are excited to host you in this magical place! As a team we offer our unique combination of skills to create a holistic experience for you!

While I bring in the leadership coaching and business background (and I love to cook delicious meals!) Brina has many wide-ranging talents in the healing and wellbeing arena, ranging from shamanic practices, theta healing, NLP and bodywork to yoga and breath work and much more.


  • 2-5 days personalized coaching retreat in Costa Rica just for you
  • come stay with us at a beautiful retreat center that is our home
  • tailor-made program to your needs with daily coaching sessions, routines & practices, body work, excursions, … and much more!
  • reset, renew, regenerate – for a deepened sense of leadership, vision and alignment in your life
  • connect to local community and inspiring leaders
  • preparation & integration calls
  • including all local transport, excursions, activities, food and accommodation


Ready for an adventure of your lifetime?

Just schedule a call by clicking the button below, and we will find the dream behind your vision!
If we’re both a full yes, we will craft a powerful coaching intention and create your Customized Leadership Journey!