How can I be in Service to Life?

How can I be in Service to Life?

October 9, 2022 #Inner Technologies 0

Living into the question – How can I support you?

For many months this year I have just been sitting in the jungle of Costa Rica, asking how I can be of service to life, literally doing nothing, stripping my life of the conditioning of “business”.

I feel how abundantly I am gifted with everything I need from mother nature and my community. I come out of this with a deepened trust in life and in the wild nature that I am.

One of the ways in which that shows is a deepened longing for how I do business to reflect my values and inner knowing. Therefore I invite a few selected coaching clients to work with me based on new ways of economic exchange.

This can be either an entirely gift economy based model or an experiments where I receive a share of your future profit from the project I am supporting you with. I’m curious to play – let’s develop this together!

I feel a deep longing to be of service to people and projects who are in service to life. If I can contribute with my gifts of clarity, guidance and vision, then knowing that it will enhance the work of others is already fulfillment and reward enough. And I trust that if I do this work then life will support me to be able to sustain me and give me everything to continue doing this work.

Naive? Maybe. But I’m ready to play, get things safely out of control and live more into the world I want to be living in. Are you curious to play a new game with me?

I’m Listening – How can I be in Service?

“Jonathan opened my path of deep transformation and is a constant source of authentic leadership. I am very grateful for having the chance to do coaching with him.“

Antje König

“Jonathan is an extraordinary coach! Due to our work I truly reached into my core and deepened my purpose! I’m on the right path!

– Marius Beyer