Alchemical Leadership – Whole Human Incubator

Alchemical Leadership – Whole Human Incubator

June 1, 2022 0


June 1, 2022

2:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Solfeggio Retreats
-, Platanillo, Provinz Puntarenas
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A space to allow yourself to fully transform


Contribution: 25USD/17mil (Low Income 15USD/10mil)

Facilitation: Alexandra Alden & Jonathan Klodt

In this workshop intensive we will uncover our unconscious conditioning that keeps us in the same patterns and instead create from what truly is – the present moment.

  • What are the hidden assumption and drivers that influence our creations? 
  • Where are we reacting to social conditioning and maintaining patterns that keep us in cycles of recreating the past instead of creating from what is? 
  • What are the hidden needs behind our creations? 
  • And what is the cost of staying in these loops on ourselves and our environment? 

What if we could move beyond these limitations and create from what is, fulfill our needs more and increase our impact in the world?

This workshop supports you to 

  • bring more awareness into your creations 
  • discover unconscious patterns that keep you stuck in repeating old patterns
  • gain insights that allow you to change these patterns
  • fulfill your core needs more effectively and increase your impact by focussing on what really matters
  • become more of a whole human 
  • contribute to a culture and society of regeneration and grace

We look forward to going deep with you!

RSVP: message Alexandra (+34 602 586 527) or Jonathan (+49 176 47713625)

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