Meet the Cocoon Co-Creators: Robert Möckel

Why do you need a cocoon? Hello guys, this is Robert and I will be one of the co-creators supporting Jonathan in creating an extraordinary and transformative experience for everyone joining Cocoon. I will be co-facilitating the first meeting, where it’s all about creating a powerful Cocoon for your transformation process throughout the program. Get…
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March 9, 2018 0

Video: Jonathan, why do you talk so much about pain?

People ask me, why I talk so much about pain and darkness. Here is a short response and why I believe that something very miraculous awaits if we dare to face our shadows. Click here for more information on The Cocoon Experience:

March 6, 2018 0

Video: The Potential of 2018 – Dancing Between Shadow And Light

I believe 2018 opens a unique window of opportunity. It is up to us like never before to choose. To choose between fear or love. Between absencing or presencing, as Otto Scharmer terms it. To choose between suppression and healing. And when we do gather the courage to face our fear, I believe we can access…
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February 4, 2018 0

Healing The Business World – Why Innovation Needs Safe Spaces

There is a huge transformation going on: A simultaneous process of something new being born & something old about to die. It shows by it’s symptoms caused by the friction: instability, fear, depression, resignation, burnout, … Like the caterpillar going into the cocoon, we need safe spaces where we are allowed to be vulnerable and…
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January 30, 2018 0

How To Create An Exponential Impact (Audio)

How can we impact the system by changing it from within the system? How can we not only think in terms of creating an abundant life for ourselves, but think exponentially and do so for at least 10 people? In this presentation I share some ideas, concepts and practical applications on how to increase your…
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January 30, 2018 0

Cocoon – A Brave Space For Courageous Innovators

These are turbulent times and I see many of you doing amazing work out there in the world to make it a smooth and gentle transition into something more beautiful. I see you bringing your gifts to the table as artists, healers, entrepreneurs, facilitators, leaders, mothers, fathers, lovers or innovators of any kind. What I…
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January 26, 2018 0

Poem: Face Your Fear

And so the story goes,the way the river flows,once a guiding star,now a burning scar. Not searching for lessthan true happiness.Followed with persistence,now turned to resistance. Avoiding the pain,in the hope to gain,freedom of mind,but the truth is not kind. Only when love for the lighttrumps the fear of the night,you see the price for…
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January 8, 2018 0

Why I support people in times of change

Why? – Always a good question to start of with! Why do I want to support people on their journey? The one thread which has constantly connected the dots in my life has been change. And not only the pleasant kind. I know how bumpy that road can be. There were times in my life…
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January 1, 2018 0

Inner Technologies of the Future – Engineering Synchronicity

Some of our most important moments in life came about because of a chance encounter, a serendipitous discovery or highly improbable synchronicity. While all of those have something magical about them and we are left with a sense of grace of gratitude, they may be not that supernatural after all. This article explores how you…
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November 12, 2017 0

Poem: Stargazing

Once he came to the shore no need to fight anymore, remembering his true center, a home beyond veils to enter. At peace with a knowing, undeniably growing: There’s a problem for every solution, there’s no clarity without confusion. He travels the pathless path, gets lost in stars for a bath, towards the gateless gate,…
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November 8, 2017 0

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