A Safe Space For Courageous Innovators

The most exciting breakthroughs of the 21st century will not occur because of technology, but because of an expanding concept of what it means to be human. John Naisbitt, Futurist

These are turbulent times. Things are moving and manifesting very quickly now. We are called to be more disciplined and diligent when it comes to the things we tolerate in our life and the ones we don’t anymore.

Now is the time to get clear and to create what we have always longed for. We feel it in our hearts. It is our birthright to be fulfilled and loved for who we are. And we have a sacred duty to bring our gifts into the world.

The time of reflection and self referential personal optimization is over. Now it’s time to put into service our gifts and create abundance and beauty for ourselves and others.

Cocoon is a powerful community formed around a three month group coaching program that will support you to transcend your current limitations and move into deeper authenticity and alignment with life and your purpose.

Come on a journey with us to explore!

  • Do you have a vision so big it scares you?
  • Have you done plenty of self development and feel called to bring your gifts into the world more powerfully now?
  • Do you long for a safe space where you can be who you are without masks while at the same time be challenged to manifest your wildest dream and grow beyond your conditioning and blockages?
  • Do you realize how worthy you are of not having to carry it all by yourself but get support by a powerful community on that journey?
  • Do you already intuit that the key to create a wholesome impact is not doing more but actually less?



The Transformation Of The Butterfly

When the caterpillar feels the evolutionary pressure to transform, it builds a cocoon and retreats into this safe space. Almost the whole organism goes mushy and new cells form – so called imago cells. First, they are attacked by the immune system of the caterpillar. Only once they form clusters and connect with each other, they stand a chance to survive. These imago cells then enable the emergence of a new being – the butterfly.


Jonathan helped me become aware of how many unconscious believes also limit myself in my professional life and how to neutralize them. I was impressed by his ability to give words to my thoughts and systematically show me my strengths as resources for the future. Thank you for the great coaching! It deeply touched and carried me long afterwards.Katja Brunner, Entrepreneur

Ready to embark on a journey to

  • uncover your light and show yourself to a much larger audience to shine brighter than ever before?
  • connect with your child-like excitement and sense of wonder, play and magic?
  • be challenged and supported by a community of powerful creators?
  • discover how to dream bigger than ever before while grounding and manifesting your vision right here and now?

This program is not for you, if you…

  • choose to stay comfortably numb in your habits and old patterns that keep you in mediocrity and uninvolved with life.
  • don’t have a healthy dose of anger built up as your rocket fuel to transform your life.
  • are not ready to confront your fears and pain to transform them.
  • prefer to hide in your room and to keep your personal challenges and darkness to yourself.

From Dream To Manifestation

During the three months we will create a powerful community. You will receive unlimited support to identify and sharpen your vision and craft a strategy that aligns you with it every day. We will dive very deep to transform your mindset – the shadows, patterns and blockages that hold you back.

And we’ll focus on the skills and concrete steps that you need to make your dream a reality. Over time, you’ll notice an increase in energy, by doing more of what gives you and less of what drains you of energy. And we’ll make sure regularly to celebrate your steps on the path by appreciating and rewarding you for your courage.


Coaching with Jonathan was very good and also profound for me, very different than most other coachings I experienced before which had more of an effect on the surface. Liberating, clarifying, very helpful!Prof. Dr. Margarete Boos, University Professor

Format & Logistics

With a hand-picked community by application only of max. 15 individuals we meet for two in-person sessions per month in Berlin over the course of three months.

A moderated, private online community and intimate tribe groups will help you to stay in touch in-between to give and receive support and motivation.

The next group will start in April 2019.
Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll get in touch with you!

The Modules:

    1. Weaving the Cocoon – Connecting and creating the safe space
    2. Arriving fully in the new space – Embodiment, resources and playful exploration
    3. Letting go of the old – Turning shadows into your greatest resource
    4. Exploring the new – Moving beyond limitation and conditioning
    5. Getting ready to show yourself – Communicating creatively and authentically
    6. Re-birth and emergence – Closing celebration, cacao ritual and embodied dance ritual

Your Investment:

1200€ for private persons and small business owners/freelancers (< 17.500€ revenue / year)
1800€ for entrepreneurs, companies

Your Host

Hi, my name is Jonathan!

I am a leadership coach and have been working with groups and individuals for more than seven years now.

“I fall in love professionally!”

In my work I see my clients with complete acceptance and unconditional love while focussing relentlessly on their highest potential. I support them to transform their darkest shadows into the greatest resources to realize their visions.

“I am convinced that the connection between truly living your passion and thriving economically is not a contradiction but a correlation – one leads to the other.”

More about Jonathan…